About Me

Hola! My name is Kelly Castillo and I created Cake My Life Blue about 2 years ago. I have a certificate in pastry from an online program through Escoffier, but am mostly self-taught in cake things. I am a married mami of 3 and was born and raised in the Sf Bay Area. I am 1 of 3 children of Salvadoran immigrants and am immensely proud of that. I love to use my Central American background as inspiration for everything, from flavor to design. 


My Baking Story

I started baking when I was pregnant with my 1st child back in 2014. I was 22, nervous, and panicking about not having a college degree or a stable job. Fortunately, my husband was starting his career as an electrician, but me? I felt that I had nothing. I took an online pastry program, that helped kick start my love for baking and pastry. I had no idea that it would become such an important part of my life. 

Around that time, I also began baking cakes for family and friends. They did what family and friends do and encouraged me to keep it going. So I did. I started experimenting and developing my own recipes, all while perfecting my decorating skills. Social media was a great tool to show off what I could do. Every time I made something unique and tasty, I was able to show everyone. 


Before I knew it, I was getting more and more orders. I decided I was ready to dive into business. Perhaps, a little prematurely. Though my kids take 1st priority and I have had to slow down orders or completely stop at times, I have kept pushing. Now 3 kids in, I am still ready and excited to make your perfect cake. 


About Cake My Life Blue 

I have a home-based cottage business. Which means I have a license and permit to sell baked goods out of my home kitchen. This also means I can only take a limited amount of orders and it becomes a difficulty when buying beautiful, quality ingredients. Unfortunately, I am unable to do things like buy ingredients in bulk and buy certain ingredients to comply with state and county regulations. Although these things come at a cost, I will always put the best product forward and I hope my customers understand that. I make every component from scratch. I bake every cake, make every caramel, crumble, and ganache. I cover every cake and decorate it myself. I want all of my customers to know that your order is being specifically made for you. Thank you for your endless support!

Fun Fact 

My logo is a product of insomnia and late night sketches. The business name is too. I wanted to make sure my children were a part of my business. In reality, they are the whole thing. Therefore, the name is a mashup between the meanings of both my daughters names. Neela means blue in Hindi and Ceiba is a type of tree, that in Mayan mythology represents the tree of life. And I needed to throw cake in there. Thus, Cake My Life Blue. The logo has the tree of life on top of a blue 2 tiered cake with it's roots wrapping around it. There is a moon in the center that represents my daughter's middle name Ixchel, which is the Mayan goddess of the moon, among many other things. This was pre-3rd child. When I had my son, I knew he had to be in there too and so if you see right between the 2 tiers of cake, on the root furthest to the right, there is now a little Onyx stone. The colors and designs I used were inspired by Central American art and weaving.