• Kelly Castillo


Please join me on my fitness journey as I try to lose the weight I’ve gained since my first pregnancy. Just kidding. So obviously, when you read the term “snapback”, the first thing you probably think of is someone getting super thin and hot after a pregnancy. Well why wouldn’t you, now that every celebrity and influencer on ig takes a picture 5 days after giving birth in a two piece and shit, looking like nothing ever happened. So I might be drinking a gallon on haterade every time I see these posts, but I think my feelings are pretty valid! Not only do these types of posts minimize the effects that pregnancy can have on the average person, they can set a crazy amount of unrealistic expectations in the mind of the average pregnant person. So now, not only do you have to give birth, which is in no way easy. (And can be very traumatizing for some. You can literally have ptsd after some births), you might have some expectations about your body and feel completely disappointed that you’re not what you thought you’d be after. (Which can lead to some tough post partum depression) So of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone. There are those who can go for a walk and not even break a sweat a month post partum and be exactly where they were. Or those that are hella into fitness already and just pop out the baby doing jumping jacks and shit. No, but if you’re super active during pregnancy, it’s going to be much easier to get back into it after everything. Or those that just want to look and feel good after pregnancy, so as soon as they’re cleared, they jump right into working out. See, that’s not me. It’s not that I don’t want to feel good. Or that I dislike exercising. I just feel like it’s the most annoying, terrible thing in existence. So I just hate it, that’s all. People say that you fall in love with it, that when you start incorporating it into your routine, you may start to enjoy it and crave the feeling. Never have I felt that way. I have felt mad and sweaty. Not a good combo. But really, I’ve never been athletic or into fitness and I just don’t find it enjoyable. No matter how many times I do it. So what is a big woman like me, who hates working out, is busy with 3 kids 24/7, and who’s had hypothyroidism since the age of 5, to do? Having hypothyroidism isn’t exactly hindering when trying to lose weight because of the medicine that’s taken everyday to control it, but with pregnancy, the TSH levels (which are the thyroid-stimulating hormone) can fluctuate, causing the symptoms of an under active thyroid to emerge again. So feeling fatigue, forgetful, dry skin and hair, mental cloudiness, among other things can easily pop up. And I’ve seen some fitness people make posts about getting rid of hypothyroidism by eating healthy and working out and it’s just misleading because in a case like mine, that won’t ever happen. So what am I to do? Yes, I can suck it up and eat a salad everyday and workout for an hour when all 3 babies are occupied (which doesn’t come around often) or wait until 10pm when they’re all asleep, or wake up at 5am when they’re still asleep. But would I really be okay doing that? Do I really want to put more pressure on myself than I already do? I already have a history of bouts of depression that can last a few days and you pair that up with being cooped up in a home with small children that have literally fed off of your body for years, it can be a bit overwhelming. So the little pleasures like eating the brownies I made yesterday or watching a movie instead of doing squats, are very much needed. And I wish that people would say “you’re doing great as a parent!” Instead of “you look great for having x number of kids” or “wow, you look amazing for giving birth x number of months ago!” Like that’s your validation as a parent. That sucks and I think it needs to change. I want to have a business snapback. I want to have a mental snapback. I want to have a mothafuckin hobby snapback. I want to look in the mirror and say “damn girl, you look good because you read a whole book this week and sold 5 cakes and all your babies are happy and healthy and you’re feeling accomplished and well-rested!” So if you’re feeling down because you’re body isn’t looking the way you think it should because all you see are these fine ass, but thin or slim thick moms showing off their post partum bodies on ig, put your phone down and go hug your babies because they see how beautiful you are and they will remind you of that. Go look in the mirror and see what a bad bitch you are because you are taking care of yourself and your home. And that does not have to include losing weight. And fellas, if you have any opinions about post partum bodies that isn’t that they are all beautiful, or about any bodies for that matter, we don’t care about em. K bye.


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